Our country has set forth days of national rememberance, such as Memorial Day, Pearl Harbor Day, Veterans Day, etc. where we are to remember those who have fallen in defense of our way of life. Unfortunately, for many, there is no first-hand recollection of the reasons why we have these special days, and therefore they have just become holidays and three-day weekends.

memorial-day-354081_640This life is but a vapor, or a tiny brush stroke on the giant canvas of the universe. Most of us will be easily forgotten by the multitudes of citizens of this planet, if for no other reason than we live on opposite ends of the canvas. But for those whom we lose that are closest to us we tend to remember them often.

Recently I lost two of my fellow co-workers due to aviation mishaps, both of them combat veterans. Quan Le had the horrible experience of having to fight in his own country, Viet Nam, and immigrated to the US in the mid-70’s to start his life over. My friend, Jim Barry, served in the US Navy during the same period. Both of them had flown for Petroleum Helicopter for over 20 years and were near retirement.