Welcome to TLC Graphic Designs!

TLC Graphic Designs has come about as a result of the lousy service we have received from other shell providers. We are a company consisting of friends who are fed up with a lack of concern, and lack of good business ethics of certain other shell providers who have either made false promises, or have down right swindled other parties out of their hard-earned money which has been invested in a non-existant product, or one that lacks in reliability. The staff here at TLC Graphic Designs CARES about honest, timely and professional customer service and follow-up. If you contact us, we WILL respond to it and will make NO EXCUSES for seemingly ignoring you.

Your One Stop Graphic Shop

TLC Graphic Designs’s primary service at this point in time is to be a provider of graphic designs and shell accounts, ircd, and business ircd accounts. We will eventually expand to provide Web Hosting, however we are not exactly tooled up for that venture at this time.

What we offer?

CD Artwork Designs
Book Cover Designs
Professional Handbills
Digital Photo Enhancement
Wedding Anniversary Cards Design
Wedding Invitations Design


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Ideas For a Graphic Designer Bridal Shower

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