About us

usersOur staff consists of four individuals: Natalie and Terry Fleck, and Tess and Larry Curtis. We became friends through an IRC client while Terry was serving in the United States Air Force in Korea and began helping Tess and Larry build their IRC network. Terry is still serving in the Air Force at present where he performs duties aboard a variety of Air Force Aircraft, while Natalie is a Domestic Engineer who cares for the Fleck Tribe which consists of 6 children with number 7 about to arrive. Tess is trained as an A+ PC Technician, Larry is a professional Helicopter Pilot who does Graphic Design for businesses and private individuals.

After having had a few runs of bad luck of our own in this regard, you can be well assured that when you deal with us, we know just how important it is to be prompt in availing our service. Our staff consists of people who, although have no formal training in running a server or providing shell accounts to others, but are driven to learn how to do so in order to provide YOU with a reliable product. We are just in the threshold of our existence, but we pledge to deal with our clients honestly and withhold NOTHING from those with whom we are dealing.